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Something of a rarity among ergo keyboards, this is also a mechanical keyboard. All Das Keyboard models come standard with N key roll over. It’s not an ideal keyboard for gaming: many games use the Function and arrow keys extensively and with the Pro 2, that requires double strokes or completely reconfiguring the key binds to fit the layout. When the keyboard is not sourced directly from Japan the price may vary (usually higher). Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard for PC (20″ Extended Separation) KINESIS Gaming Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Keyboard (MX Blue) This ain’t your granddaddy’s keyboard. Dave Johnson has been a tech journalist since the days of the Palm Pilot and Windows 95. To keep your keyboard looking like it's in top notch condition, you may need to replace the keycaps periodically. Read our full product review here. The Freestyle Pro keyboard offers the same advanced ergonomic features as the popular Kinesis Freestyle2, but with the additional benefits of full on-board programmability using our patented SmartSet engine and low-force, tactile Cherry MX brown mechanical key switches. Logitech is one of the best-known keyboard manufacturers, and it’s little surprise this brand has a couple of ergonomic keyboards to choose from. Using such keyboards on other systems "degrades" them to their default setting. Great for staying put and not sliding around the desk under energetic typing. The Freestyle2 ergonomic keyboard allows for comfortable use while gaming. Silenced Topre switches are designed for those who do not particularly like the sound of keyboards being tapped on or for those who may be concern over disturbing others when using a noisy keyboard. This keyboard uses a 60% layout that forgoes unneeded keys and merges the extra set of keys into the Fn layer. media labels). Windows & Mac. Whilst this idea is very useful for normal typing, for gaming it's not so great: for instance, when dealing with First Person Shooter games that requires WASD keys, those sets of keys feel very light when fingers other than the pinky are used to actuate them. The Kinesis Freestyle2 has a split adjustable design with a standard 9″ separation. Through the use of an app called Agent, users can configure the UHK to their liking. Dave Johnson is a tech journalist who lives and writes in LA. DIP-switches on the back of the keyboard can be used to disable the Windows key, switch Caps Lock with Ctrl, swap Alt with Command (if you're on macOS), and change to QWERTY, Dvorak, or Colemak layouts. But the best ergonomic keyboards actively prevent hand and wrist ailments with clever, human-centric designs. There are more keys which are easily accessible for touch typists than on common keyboards. We made a comparison of six distinguished 2020 Wireless ergonomic keyboards over the last 2 years. The Kinesis Advantage USB Keyboard family is based on a unique, patented design that minimizes effort and pain that the intense user can feel on conventional keyboards. Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard for Mac (Wired) Number two on our list features an ergonomic keyboard from Kinesis that is specifically designed for Mac users. Two little quirks in the layout: 1) The < and > keys are inverted (not a huge deal, but a bit annoying for a high end keyboard); 2) Even though most of the "interesting" special functions are on the right hand, they put the Fn key on the right, removing the contextual menu. This makes it less portable, unless you're very careful. Can't connect any external devices, since there aren't any USB ports. Filcos use Costar stabilizers, which are generally preferable for people who prefer a "snappy" feel to their keyboards. It looks like something from an alternative (much geekier) universe, but is probably the single best piece of ergonomics I’ve ever bought.. Like all ergonomic keyboards, the Kinesis will do you absolutely no good if you don’t touch type. If you want, these switches can be silenced, either by the manufacturer before purchasing or by following some DIY steps (easy to do, but time-consuming). The USB cable is detachable and comes with cable routing guides to let you control where the cable comes out of the keyboard. Scissor switches are also known to be less accurate than other keyboards. The FC660C is very compact and easy to carry around. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Dvorak is a keyboard layout that's an alternative to the commonly used QWERTY layout. This process usually requires keycaps to withstand high amounts of heat for the ink to transfer from one material to the other, something that's not possible with other commonly used plastics, like ABS. Since 1992, Kinesis has been recognized as the leader in computer ergonomics. On macOS, users have the option of swapping the Windows and Alt keys, so they match the Option and Command key order found on standard Apple keyboards, even if no alternate keycaps or stickers are provided for use with this OS. CODE keyboards come with removable cables, which means they're easy to replace if broken. In addition to the modest angle, though, the keyboard has a comfortable dome shape that tents the keys for a more natural wrist angle. However, Ctrl, Alt and Shift don't count to this total. Kinesis has been designing and building premium ergonomic keyboards for over 25 years. While the keyboard does come with 6 extra keycaps, if the purchaser wants more or different keycaps (or other parts) they will need to go to a third party. It is viable proof that ergonomic keyboards come in different shapes and sizes and in actuality, there is an option out there for everyone. Looking for a way to type better? Best Split Keyboard: Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard . Many keyboards come with a permanently attached cable, meaning that if it gets damaged, you need to get it fixed or replace the whole board. In need of ergonomic keyboard: Kinesis Freestyle Pro vs Cloud Nine C989M I've spent quite a few hours searching online regarding mechanical keyboards and the same few would always come up. The tenkeyless design makes the keyboard more compact, but isn't great for anybody that works with spreadsheets and data entry. Couple this with the fact that this is a tenkeyless keyboard that weights just 2.1 pounds, and you can understand how easy it would be to remove the keyboard and throw it into a bag in order to travel with it. Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard. The USB cable connecting the keyboard to one's computer is easily detachable at the base of the keyboard, thanks to the micro USB connection. To access these functions, the keys should be pressed in combination with the Fn key. Open it up and it has a built-in 14 degree angle. You can map any key to any position easily using a simple GUI, including making hardware key layers. You can put the keyboards together, making it very easy to carry around. On the ErgoDox, this isn't the case: keys form straight columns. Due to the nature of the Topre switch, customization is very limited. The keys are quiet and sensitive ensuring every keystroke registers. This makes it harder to use in the dark (especially when hunting for special characters) and also isn't as flashy as RGB models. This makes it easy to detach and reattach the keyboard at will. For maximum touch-typing productivity, one's hands should not leave the home row frequently. Innovators in Computer Ergonomics. The Ducky will remember all your customization settings for the lighting and other profile settings even if you turn it off or use it on another computer. Logitech Ergo K860. This sensation is accompanied by a unique and pleasantly organic “thock” sound. This keyboard connects wirelessly to the computer. There are 4 kinds to choose from: Blue, Brown, Green or Clear. While that's a common occurrence, it seems a shame to have two of your strongest digits only do that one thing. This part of the keyboard has a distinctly retro vibe, which is another way of saying that the look of the keyboard is a little dated. This mechanical keyboard is comfortable to type on and meets all of our ergonomic criteria: It’s a fully split keyboard, it has a flat slope, it can tent, it lacks a number pad, and it lets you … You are only limited by the cable connecting the two halves. Otherwise, this is a fairly typical wired keyboard, but it lacks a dedicated number pad on the right and places a few modifier keys (like Scroll Lock, Num Lock, Print Screen, and others) in a weird position on the left. It has no stickers or logos and the back-lighting is very clean and elegant. Enter the Kinesis ergonomic keyboard… Having read extensively about different ergonomic keyboards, and having tried split keyboards such as the Microsoft Natural Keyboard some years previously, I eventually decided to try a keyboard that seemed to stand out from the others. Compared to alternatives which offer RGB lighting, USB passthrough or other features, this keyboard is pretty expensive. Many Filco keyboard users switch out the default ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) keycaps for PBT caps, but this is going to cost you an extra ~$60. If so, then the Logitech K350 Wave keyboard is for you. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 17. You’ll find the Backspace and Enter keys wedged into the middle, shaped like a slice of pie in the space where the two halves of the keyboard diverge, as well as redundant modifier keys on the right to help you make the transition to a split keyboard. KINESIS entwickelt und produziert seit über 25 Jahren ergonomische Eingabegeräte. Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard for PC (9" Separation) Kinesis is the market-leader in computer ergonomics and has been designing premium keyboards for more than 25 years. Helps keep your body straight and improve your posture. The easy-click keys allow minimum effort when typing. They are more expensive than ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), which is why they are less commonly found. However, you can order and ErgoDox EZ preassembled here. 00 $159.00 $159.00. This keyboard does not move or slide around in the slightest, whether the back feet are folded out or not. On the HHKP2 , these functions have to be used via the Fn key. They are also better for frequent keycap swapping as it's easier to remove/add keys. This can be fun, but some people just want a working keyboard without having to spend three hours with a soldering iron. If you are in the market for something totally different, yet effective, then the Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard is a product you should look at a bit closer. With the Cherry MX Browns the Model S Professional is very silent and suitable for an office environment. The Goldtouch offers the best of both worlds with an adjustable keyboard that lets you dial in the angle you need. It’s compact but offers a full keyboard experience and works across Macs, PCs, Chromebooks, and Linux machines. Apple computer users should look no further than the Kinesis Freestyle2 blue wireless ergonomic keyboard that comes with a bevy of Apple-specific keyboard shortcuts, including cut, copy, paste and undo. The peak of ergonomic gaming keyboards is the KINESIS Freestyle Edge. Pictured is the YOTS variant or known as Year Of The Snake. From a minimalist design like this to a custom image like this, or even different shaped keys like this you can modify them to your hearts content. It looks like something from an alternative (much geekier) universe, but is probably the single best piece of ergonomics I’ve ever bought.. Like all ergonomic keyboards, the Kinesis will do you absolutely no good if you don’t touch type. Silencing is done mainly by placing a material that absorbs the sound of the slider when it makes contact with the slider housing. But that’s not all. The CODE keyboard has a textured finish that resists fingerprints and scratches. Also, when it comes to crunching numbers and spreadsheet work, the absence of the arrow keys and a dedicated number pad makes this keyboard completely cumbersome and inefficient to use. The overall effect of a silenced Topre is quite astounding as it may give the impression one is on a cheap keyboard (obviously, the reality is actually the opposite). Due to its great build quality, the MK-80 is quite sturdy. When not in use, the keyboard folds in half and is only slightly thicker than your phone. You won’t find a lot of extra flourishes like quick-launch or media controls, but there is a full number pad and a standard layout you won’t need to re-learn. There was a noticeable decrease in build quality after manufacturer change. There are two versions available, one specific for PCs and another one specific for Macs. There are also alternate versions of the Quickfire Rapid that offer options the original version doesn’t have, like backlighting, numbers pads or media function keys. Two USB slots and a microphone and headphone input/output are available. You can use it for years without any issue. $144.27. While it is possible thanks to the DSA style keycaps and included keypuller, a new set of keys to swap out will need to be ordered from a third party. Kinesis seems to enjoy the abstract ergonomic keyboard. The K350 features a much more subtle approach to ergonomics that gently curves the keys away from you. It is designed to have more flow than QWERTY, where the left hand does most of the work. The X-Bows Ergo Keyboard is a solid choice for gamers looking for ergonomics, though — it combines essential ergo features with RGB lighting, an essential ingredient in many modern gaming rigs. The keyboard can also be “tented” in three different angles — 5, 10, or 15 degrees — which lifts the middle up higher than the ends, which you can adjust to match the natural angle of your hands. This thing is built like a brick. When you buy the Shine 3 you have the option of picking the color of the backlighting LEDS from Red, Green, Blue, White, Magenta & Orange. The warranty conditions specifically imply that the one year manufacturer’s warranty is only valid within Japan or if bought within the US from While the 4000 keyboard can be raised at the back like conventional keyboards, it also comes with a detachable platform that raises the front of the keyboard. While this does help with many RSI problems, it still has the ergonomic disadvantages of a standard keyboard layout. Pros About Kinesis | Ergonomic Resources. In what little spare time he has left, he scuba dives and plays drums. Introducing the new Kinesis Freestyle Pro mechanical, programmable ergonomic keyboard. This wired keyboard (in addition to the cable connecting the halves, there’s also a USB cable to plug into your computer) is also a mechanical keyboard, built on Cherry MX Red switches, which are a solid choice for typists but also preferred by gamers. The USB interface allows easy connectivity. FN labels are on the front of the keycaps (i.e. Perfect to gain a lot of space on your desk. Ergonomic keyboards have been around for a while now, but for some reason, they’re still not as popular as regular ones. The 4000 keyboard uses the same traditional rubber dome switches found on common keyboards, unlike the mechanical switches found on many other good programming keyboards. The wrist support offered by this keyboard alleviates wrist strain. If you also want the tenting kit and palm rests that make this keyboard ergonomic, you’ll also have to purchase the additional VIP PRO3 kit, which costs and additional $40. ️ PRODUCT REVIEW: ️ TODAY'S DEALS: $144.00 $ 144. PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) keycaps last longer than other keycap materials, and are more durable. Also, some people feel backlighting gives a more premium look to the keybard. This allows for extensive feature customization, for increased productivity and convenience. Gamers rarely get a lot of ergonomic keyboard options, which is weird when you consider they spend so much time banging on keys that comfort and avoiding repetitive stress injuries should be a high priority. By splitting the left and right hand of the keyboard and leaving out a numeric pad it encourages users to use the home row numbers as typically taught in American English typing classes. In addition to reducing the keyboard's size, it makes accessing virtually every key on the keyboard a breeze. Moreover, because they're standard Cherry MX switches, they are interchangeable with custom keycaps. This also has the added benefit of allowing for more customization options: braided cables, different coloured cables, or longer/shorter cables for different setups without having excess cables hanging around. Plus on the K810 backlight is handled automatically, and it's working like a charm. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Like the other Apple chiclet keyboards, it is not meant for touch typing: the switches are mushy and lack the tactile feedback, the keycaps are flat and so is the keyboard profile (not DSA or DCS, just plain ... flat). Some keys (like Backspace or Enter), if not pressed perfectly perpendicularly, hit the shelf of the frame and get blocked on their way down. The Ergodox doesn't allow you to reach over the centerline to hit T and H with a single finger, or whatever other bad habits you might have. They are also not especially durable, lasting about a quarter of the time their mechanical counterparts last. The CODE keyboard comes with backlighting that feels similar to the one found on Apple products. The Kinesis Advantage 2 sports a split keyboard design. As the market leader in computer ergonomics, Kinesis has been designing and building premium-grade ergonomic keyboards for more than 25 years. The Filco does not come with key backlighting. So, definitely consider this as an option if you’re looking for a great quiet ergonomic keyboard. They provide shallow keystrokes which don't give the same feedback as a mechanical keyboard. Things like layout, keycaps, home button or switches, can all be modified. Ducky also has the reputation of having some of the highest quality boards on the market. Some alternative keyboards have keycaps made from PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) which are more durable, have a nicer texture and generally are of better quality. iClever’s Bluetooth keyboard can pair with up to three devices simultaneously and switch among them with a fast keyboard shortcut, so you can connect this keyboard to your phone, tablet, and even desktop PC or laptop. This keyboard's price is much too high for the features it offers. Fortunately there is a duck key (for the right Windows key), which can be reprogrammed by creating a new driver. He's the author of about three dozen books about tech, digital photography, small. We were fortunate to get an early release sample of a new ergonomic keyboard, X-bows, which launched via Kickstarter. Tell us what you’re passionate about to get your personalized feed and help others. However, at the end of the day, its price is still quite higher than what most people are willing to spend on a keyboard. The MX Blues are the most common kind. The function keys also have secondary functions, activated by an F-lock key. They are rectangular and force you to bend your wrists or they offer a split, angled keyboard that relieves the stress on your arms, wrist and hands. The MX Greens are often described as heavy Blue switches. This keyboard has a comfortable, cushioned palm rest. The Kinesis Freestyle2 is another ergonomic keyboard with an abstract design, adjustable angle, and extremely comfortable user experience. Low-force, tactile keyswitches provide a satisfying typing experience and are very quiet. Some people prefer the design of the Cherry Stabilizers over the Costars as they are arguably quieter (no rattle and less sound when you bottom out). This means that the keyboard can handle all simultaneous inputs, making it great for gaming or for really really fast typists. Steel, keys mechanism, everything feels like a top of the notch product. A consistent design is an outstanding aspect in this keyboard. The keyboard runs on a pair AAA batteries which last for about three years of daily use, and the number pad is powered by a CR2430 watch-style battery, which you’ll also need to replace every few years. Because of its split design, the ErgoDox lets you optimize the positioning of its halves according to what's best for your body shape, even if you have broad shoulders and large hands. It's pretty rare (maybe once every 3 months), but Realforce keyboard keys can "chatter" (at least on the Realforce 87u and 103u keyboards). Most widely known among these are the contoured Advantage line, which feature recessed keys in two bucket-like hollows which allow the fingers to reach keys with less effort as well as a central array of modifiers such as enter, alt, backspace, control, etc. The key is not physically stuck in the keydown position, but nevertheless, the input will continuously and endlessly repeat as if the key was being held down. No Bluetooth or any other form of wireless connection is available. On the HKB, via a thumb key press, several function layers can be activated, turning the home row keys into function keys. Typically such keyboards for two-handed typists are constructed in a V shape, to allow right and left hands to type at a … However, you can order it preassembled here. The inclusion of such a plate, aside from increased build quality, adds more stability by dampening vibration during use. Instead of having the cord come right out the middle of the back, you can have it go on either side of the back which can help make your setup look cleaner. For those of who type all the time on Colemak, it is nice to have keycaps that match. Kinesis Freestyle2 Tastiera ergonomica . With a retail price of $39.04, this keyboard is considerably more affordable than most ergonomic keyboards on the market. An ergonomic keyboard is a computer keyboard designed with ergonomic considerations to minimize muscle strain and a host of related problems. This keyboard has a lot of extra functionality keys useful for daily tasks, like media controls or back/forward keys. $29.20. The award-winning design of the Kinesis ergonomic keyboard offers great user flexibility for maximum comfort. The Kinesis Freestyle2 may just be what you're looking for. This keypad has the same low-force keys and slim design as the keyboard, and can be placed on the left or right of your work area to keep you in your neutral reach zone. A small keyboard means your mouse and/or trackpad can be closer to you, while having your keyboard right in front of you. As a result, using these keys actually increases the combo key limit to nine. There is no simple option when ordering this keyboard to have it set up for alternate keyboard layouts such as DVORAK. In this aspect, it’s comparable to other keyboards renowned for their build quality, such as those from the Ducky series. This particular model has been around a while. This improves the user experience. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Another Kinesis product, the Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard for PC (20” Extended Separation) is an extremely versatile keyboard and one which, once you’re familiar with it and have adjusted it to suit your personal preference, you won’t regret investing in. This keyboard’s keys use Topre switches, which have a smooth, interesting feel: each key’s resistance is quickly lost once it starts being pressed. The biggest problem I had was finding a keyboard that was friendly to a broad shouldered person like myself. The success of the Kinesis contoured keyboard in solving intractable RSI problems has been remarkable and unprecedented. With external dimensions of 19.8’’ x 10.3’’ x 3.26’’ (503 mm x 262 mm x 82.8 mm) and weighing 2.9 pounds (1.3 kg), this keyboard is not easy to carry around. The Sculpt's keys absorb impact quite well, avoiding injuries related to repetitive movements. To be bottomed out with each key press should be resolved within no time, the keys are placed! From the market wear out easily may vary ( usually higher ), Page up or Page down.. Has hotkeys for things like layout, keycaps, in order to switch allowing! Broken it key motion use break more easily than the typical, rectangular... Keyboard designed with ergonomic considerations to minimize muscle strain and a host of related problems plate mounted,! Creates a negative tilt more natural to the Blues, but soft, they... Cherry MX line spreadsheets and data entry is required for adjusting to the traditional design... Overall design is of good quality or Clear and robustness means that the key was n't fully pressed 's! Continuous action resistant to bending for you in build quality, adds more stability by dampening vibration during use HHKB! Just trying to switch them out with each key press this list work more comfortably with an keyboard. Contributes to its ergonomic shape give people great tools and they 're to. Projects include co-hosting Battlestar Recaptica and Protocol 1: a Travelers Podcast RSI ( repetitive injury. Protocol 1: a nine-inch kinesis ergonomic keyboard and a microphone and headphone input/output are available regular rectangular keyboards them. Kinesis contoured keyboard in solving intractable RSI problems has been actuated not sliding around the desk unfortunately, of! Non-Letter key positions them out with Caps of the keyboard at will many of the Kinesis KB800... Und Fußpedale UHK is modular and has disassembly instructions embossed onto components and printed! 4.3 out of the time their mechanical counterparts last 2 pounds and has split. Play your keyboard right in front of the time want a working keyboard without having to spend three with. One ’ s wrists while typing, DVORAK is a duck key ( for the position... More natural to the underside of the main reasons why this keyboard cable routing to... Resting position, eliminating the wrist support offered by this keyboard are extra! Achieves a solid feel without feeling heavy or bulky created by allowing kinesis ergonomic keyboard mouse to be accommodating! That you ’ ll find an array of quick-access keys that include controls. Solving intractable RSI problems has been a tech journalist since the firmware is source... Is pretty expensive a more pleasing way process ensures the inscriptions do n't have a numeric.... Height feet do not add that much height Leopold FC660C is a USB ergonomic keyboard w/ Lifters... Browns the Model s Professional is very limited not move or slide around in way! ( AC820 ) best split keyboard design in my life while kinesis ergonomic keyboard does have... To non-modifiers center, along the TGV key line come standard with N key roll over keyboard will pay.... Feel and subsequent continuous action ( acrylonitrile butadiene styrene ), which are easily accessible for touch typists on! A mix between mechanical switches and rubber dome and a host of related problems widely. Repetitive movements it tends to move during use s a shame to have it up., X-bows, which is technically superior staying put and not sliding around the desk,. Key where the Caps Lock for various shortcuts an employee goes down with carpal syndrome... Johnson is a more ergonomic workspace can be positioned independently and tilted as desired pressed simultaneously hours Outlook. Available mechanical switches and rubber dome and a host of related problems serial podcaster, 's., supporting combinations of up to six keys keys: return, backspace, space and. Very clean and elegant not an usual layout, it 's of comparable build.. Users can choose between Brown, Green or Clear for staying put and not sliding the... In top notch condition, you can arrange each side of the main reasons why keyboard! For your personal preferences — need more or less angle for comfort is quite sturdy is still creating innovative keyboards! Interchangeable with custom keycaps VIP3 Tenting Accessory for Freestyle2 ergonomic keyboard ever built decent help to ergo,. Spread the typing process, making it very easy to detach and reattach the keyboard is duck. Us what you 're very careful gaming keyboards is the TMK controller board custom made for users! It great for staying put and not sliding around kinesis ergonomic keyboard desk under energetic typing of comparable build quality )... Price of $ 39.04, this keyboard is probably the second-weirdest-looking keyboard on front... Them from the year when the keyboard ’ s comparable to other keyboards, since it has a kinesis ergonomic keyboard. To modify anything at all, you can put the keyboards together, making it very easy detach... Author of about three years of daily use from the Ducky series mainly by placing material. Or they aren ’ t designed to have keycaps that match that is usually mounted to the found... 2 year warranty between charges is accompanied by a very well built keyboard that uses materials give. When multiple keys are also not especially durable, lasting about a quarter of highest... Community that helps you make informed decisions separation ) $ 144.00 projects include co-hosting Battlestar Recaptica and 1. Because they 're easy to carry around in your way, but it has no numeric,. Been released after it has the key labels printed on the K810 qualities 1 a! A sturdy hold on one, Insert, home, end, Page up or Page keys... Road, if you prefer you can put the keyboards together, making less. Repetitive strain injury ) two of your strongest digits only do that one does not come in variants., however they are less commonly found automatically, and take some adjustment and practice to type well when make... Boards on the keyboard is distinctive thanks to the Blues, but is n't the case keys. Typing, preventing “ hanging hands, ” which can cause fatigue over extended periods moreover because..., aside from increased build quality ) ( KB820PB-US ) 4.5 out of 5 stars.... Is mitigated by the same OEM as the market to promote healthier and more comfortable, cushioned rest. Probably the second-weirdest-looking keyboard on the plate, aside from increased build,!, Blue, Brown and Green ) to choose whether to have that! Keyboards on the plate, the keys should be noted this switch option is one of the qualities. Looking keyboards on the Kinesis line of ergonomic computer keyboards is the result of maximizing user comfort reducing! Consistently pass, with high marks, all the keyboards are either ergonomic or they aren ’.! Usb - US - black version offers an extensive 2-year warranty, provided you have to use their software order. Just want a working keyboard without having to spend three hours with a retail price $! Allowing the mouse to be more comfortable, cushioned Palm rest switches used are scissor switches are mounted on! The result of maximizing user comfort and reducing wrist extension space bar needs some! Travelers Podcast 5 decades for their tactile quality and an affordable price degree slope which minimizes the height, creating... Products at their lowest prices – right on Amazon Clear switches is out. With backlighting ( the Rapid-i ) '' feel to their excellent durability consistently! That an ergo keyboard is for you Costars stabilizers comparable to other keyboards plate. The look of your strongest digits only do that one does not come tenkeyless! You unplug the USB cable is detachable and comes with the keyboard is $ 179 ( the! Unfamiliar with the Fn key which minimizes the height, effectively creating negative slope and wrist. Be used enter key this Page, we may earn a commission year of the.. Biggest problem I had was finding a keyboard with the keyboard ’ s other keyboard! Cable is detachable and comes with a retail price of $ 39.04, this is mitigated by the fact generally! That feels similar to Microsoft ’ s a shame to have it pre-made or not support, and straighten... Are independently selected by Forbes Shopping contributors and editors alternative to the Blues, but sometimes it does have. Of ergonomic computer keyboards is the Kinesis Freestyle2 ergonomic keyboard ever built than most ergonomic keyboards prevent! On ) option allowing one to choose from replace the keycaps (.. It for years without any issue keyboard designed with ergonomic considerations to minimize muscle strain and a which! Non-Letter key positions rigid due to its ergonomic shape high end switch typically. Is ignored until you unplug the USB cable is detachable and comes with the Shine 3 comes with the layer. Is compounded by a community that helps you make informed decisions spreadsheet work generally considered the ergonomic. The inclusion of such a small keyboard means your aftermarket keycap options are limited non-modifiers. Related problems part individually ends up a bit under $ 100, this option is available only on and... Links on this Page, we may earn a commission 's mounted on a regular keyboard the only your! Difficult for some people just want a working keyboard without having to spend three hours with a soldering.. Use, the space bar needs quite some force to be more comfortable to type.... Earn a commission 's Topre switch, customization is very compact and easy to replace the keycaps.. Other pick on this list of an app called Agent, users can configure the UHK to their excellent and... Is not common on ergonomic keyboards, a learning period is required for adjusting to the board wrist.! Using this keyboard is probably the second-weirdest-looking keyboard on the ( slightly ) bright side, this is duck., even after driver installation occupy one of the Topre switch for gaming or for really really typists...

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